About the BNP
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Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
Campo Grande, 83
1749-081 Lisboa

Tel. 21 798 20 00
Fax 21 798 21 40
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The Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (BNP) is a service of the central administration of the State, under the governance of the  Secretary of State for Culture. Its by-law was approved by the Decreto-Lei n.º 78/2012, of 27 March and it is managed by a Director-General (Maria Inês Cordeiro).  

The BNP's current struture is defined by Portaria n.º 199/2012, of 29 June, which defines the main departments (Direções de Serviços), and by Despacho n.º 10504/2012, of 6 August, establishing one flexible unit (divisão). The nuclear structure of the BNP comprises the Évora Public Library as a dependent unit.



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The internal Despachos (Orders) no. 5/DGBNP/2012, of 30 June and no 12/DGBNP/2012, of 30 July, define the functional units under the main departments (Direção de Serviços) and the flexible unit (Divisão), respectively.