About the BNP
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Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
Campo Grande, 83
1749-081 Lisboa

Tel. 21 798 20 00
Fax 21 798 21 40
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♦ Current Projects


♦ Past projects

BNP's membership in associations and foundations


The Library is a member of and participates in the activities of the following organizations:



Conference of European National Libraries, a foundation with membership fom 45 countries, aimed at reinforcing the role of European national libraries. The CENL is the owner of the online service TEL - The European Library, participates in the EDL Foundation e promotes Europeana.


Conference of Directors of National Libraries, which promotes an annual meeting of heads of national libraries from all over the world  to address common issues of a strategic relevance.


European Commission on Preservation and Access - an independent foundation focused on preservation and conservation  of the documentary heritage.  Created in 1994, the ECPA ceased its activity in 2008. However, its resources are still maintained online.


International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, the major library association in the world with members from over 150 countries. The BNP has participated in several Permanent Committees and is currently responsible  for the IFLA UNIMARC Core Activity.


Ligue des Bibliothèques Européènnes de Recherche, an organization  focused on the cooperation among European research libraries in areas such as  collection management and access.