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Rare Books and Manuscripts - Printed

Rare Books


This is the general collection of rare books printed after 1500. Of particular interest are the Portuguese (944 titles) and Spanish (1,971 titles) printed books from the 16th century, the Erasmiana (335 works written, edited, translated or annotated by Erasmus), the Plantiniana (292 works printed by Christophe Plantin in Antwerp and Leiden, between 1555 and 1589), and the Aldinas publications (257 works printed by Aldo Manuzio and his successors between 1495 and 1594).


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org. e índices por Maria Alzira Proença Simões. Lisboa: BN, 1990.
♦  Edições Aldinas da Biblioteca Nacional: séculos XV e XVI. Introd. de José V. de Pina Martins; catalogação
Maria Valentina C. A. Sul Mendes e Margarida Cunha. Lisboa: BN, 1994.
♦  Erasmo na Biblioteca Nacional: século XVI. Introd. e notas José V. de Pina Martins; catalogação Maria
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♦  Tipografia espanhola do século XVI : a colecção da Biblioteca Nacional. Coord. e org. Maria Emília
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