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Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
Campo Grande, 83
1749-081 Lisboa


Tel. 21 798 20 00
Fax 21 798 21 38
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Welcome words


Diretora_geralFor all interested in Portuguese culture, this website introduces the National Library of Portugal and its services, ranging from those intended for library and the book industry professionals to the activities aimed at researchers and the general public, concerning access, promotion and diffusion of the heritage held at the largest library in the country.

It is a vast and diversified heritage covering almost ten centuries of history and culture of the Portuguese society, encompassing all subjects and genres in ever growing library holdings. Thus securing a future for the past and building up a record of the present for the generations to come.

The essence of the Library lies in this heritage. Kept alive and inspiring through the multiple forms of access enabled by technologies in constant renovation that convey farther than ever before, in a globalized world, the resources of our language, history and identity.

Conservation, access and internationalization remain today, as in the past, the main lines of action in the management of the Institution, alongside increasing its social value by promoting initiatives convergent with the world of research.

In this perspective, beyond the Library for the readers we also work towards the Library with the readers. The Library not confined to making content available, but envisaged as a platform for the creation and sharing of knowledge that offers an infrastructure for the participation of the community it serves.


Maria Inês Cordeiro