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CIP Service
Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
Campo Grande, 83

1749-081 Lisboa

Tel. 21 7982011 / 14 / 407
Fax 21 798 2432
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CIP - Cataloguing in Publication

What is the CiP Service?
CiP (Cataloguing in Publication) is a service that provides pre-publication cataloguing data – i.e. data that is compiled before publication and will appear in the published work itself. Its purpose is to give people a better idea of what is published in Portugal and simultaneously provide both libraries and the general public with a quick and useful way to obtain information that is coherent and standardised in terms of how each work is catalogued and classified. CiP is a voluntary service based on cooperation between publishers and the National Library of Portugal and is free of charge.

Who is CiP for?
The majority of the monographic works that are published in Portugal can be the object of pe-publication cataloguing under the CiP Programme, on condition that their publisher has signed a protocol with the National Library of Portugal under which it joins the Programme.

How to join the CiP Programme
Publishers that are interested in taking part in this Programme should contact the National Library of Portugal and then formalise their adherence to the applicable protocol. This entails abiding by the terms and conditions established by the National Library of Portugal from then onwards, committing themselves to participating in the Programme whenever they publish anything, and complying with the CiP rules, particularly with regard to the content and presentation of the cataloguing data provided by the National Library of Portugal.

How to apply for a CiP record
For each edition of each title, the following must be sent two months in advance: a duly completed CiP Data Collection Form; a copy of the work’s title and credits pages, exactly as they are going to appear in the published work; and copy of the contents page, of the introduction and the index. 

How to change CiP data
Whenever there are changes to the data that has already been submitted to the National Library, the publisher must send a duly completed CiP Data Amendment Form. The Bibliographic Database will be altered accordingly, and the publisher will always be informed if this implies any changes in the record that the latter is going to print.