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Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Standards Development Service
Campo Grande, 83
1749-081 Lisboa

Tel. 21 798 2157 / 454

Fax 21 798 2123


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Standards Development Service

Established in 2007, the BNP Standards Develoment Service is aimed at coordinanting the production, updating  and diffusion, in Portugal, of standardization activities related to libraries. Its main objectives are:

♦  To follow and promote national awareness of international standards' development and  practice;

♦  To develop, translate or to coordinate the preparation / translation of information and documentation standards;

♦  To prepare, oversee the publishing and marketing of  the BNP editions concerning librarianship standards and procedures;

♦  To carry out the coordination of  the CT7 - Technical Committee on Information and Documentation  Standards (the Portuguese equivalent to ISO TC46).

Since 2007, the priorities of this Service have been the production of updated Portuguese versions of  IFLA standards, especially regarding UNIMARC, cataloguing principles and conceptual models, and to reorganize  the  CT7 activities in order to update the set of Portuguese standards in infrmation and documentation and to improve  its diffusion and availability.