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Reading Room for the

Visually Impaired


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.30am - 5.30pm

Saturday: - Closed

Tel:  21 7982053
Fax: 21 7982138
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Audio Resources

In order to respond to the reading needs of visually impaired persons who do not read Braille, or find it more difficult to use this system, the BNP has committed itself to the production of audio books. The fact is that almost all the titles in the collection were produced in-house, and we should take this opportunity to note the significant contribution made by volunteers who read the texts.

There are approximately 1,600 audio book titles, on a range of topics. Some of them are read by major figures on the cultural scene in Portugal and abroad, such as Paul Claudel, who gives an interview to complement his reading of his play L'Echange; Albert Camus, who reads L'Etranger; and Paulo Quintela, who reads his translation of the work by Rainer Maria Rilke, entitled Balada do Amor e da Morte do Alferes e Cristóvão Rilke in Portuguese.

Around 10 different periodical titles are available in audio format. They include the Ponto e Som magazine, which is published quarterly by the BNP’s Reading for the Visually Impaired service itself.

The catalogue of audio resources is available in Braille and on audio cassette.