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Music Reading Room

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.30am - 5.30pm
Item requests up to 5pm.

Saturday - Closed

Additional services:
Digital piano available

Tel.  21 7982072/56
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Special Collections

Collections and archives from institutions
Some of these are particularly important: the Collection of Choirbooks (shelfmarks L.C.), which is made up of 345 handwritten and printed items from the 13th to the 19th centuries, which came from the abolished convents; the Collection of the National Conservatory (shelfmarks C.N.), which contains more than 12,000 manuscript and printed items; the Collections of the São Carlos Theatre (shelfmarks T.S.C.) and the Academia de Amadores de Música, both composed of an as yet unknown number of scores, monographs, librettos, posters, photographs, sketches of scenery, and administrative documents; and the Bailados Verde Gaio Collection, which was added to the BNP’s collections when the IPPC was closed and which contains around 1,000 scores.

Personal collections pertaining to musicians and composers
Their size and intrinsic value mean that some of the roughly two dozen personal collections are especially significant: the Conde de Redondo Collection, with more than 3,000 scores and music in parts; the Ivo Cruz (1901-1985) Collection (shelfmarks C.I.C.), which includes some very rare and even unique printed items; the Augusto Machado (1845-1924) personal collection (shelfmarks A.M.), which, with more than 1,300 items (printed and manuscript scores, photographs and archive material), is the largest known treasure-house of manuscript documents by João Domingos Bomtempo (1775-1842); and the Viana da Mota (1868-1948) Collection (shelfmarks V.M.), with more than 10,000 music-related items and thousands of personal items (correspondence, diaries, journals and objects).