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Iconography Reading Room


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Photocopies of reference works, on request up to 4.30pm


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Religious Pictures

This collection contains around 6,300 items, the core of which is from the collection donated by Monseigneur Elviro dos Santos in 1928.


The great majority of the items in the collection are small religious prints, although there are some larger formats too. Ranging from the 16th to the 20th centuries, the prints were predominantly produced in Portugal. Outstanding examples include works by Francisco Vieira Lusitano, Carneiro da Silva, Joaquim Manuel da Rocha, Manuel da Silva Godinho, Fróis Machado, Gregório Francisco de Queirós, Domingos António de Sequeira, and Francesco Bartolozzi, along with the French engravers hired by King Dom João V.

Among the foreign engravers we find Hieronymus Wierix, Adrian Collaert and Hendrik Goltzius, but the foreign artists with the largest number of items are Martin Engelbrecht and the Klaubers from 18th century Germany, and Cornelis Galle and Cornelis van Merlen from the Low Countries in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Inventário da Colecção de Registos de Santos. Org. e pref. Ernesto Soares. Lisboa: BN, 1955.