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Cartographic Series

This collection comprises around 100 different cartographic series, essentially covering the geography of Portugal and its former overseas territories. The documentation it contains is of great importance to the study of Portuguese cartography in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The oldest series include the first standard chorographic map of Portugal – the Carta Corográfica de Portugal ou Carta Geral do Reino (scale 1:100,000), which resulted from a  survey that was conducted between 1853 and 1892 and was published between 1856 and 1904; the Carta dos Arredores de Lisboa (Map of the Area around Lisbon, scale 1:20,000), which was published between 1891 and 1933; and the first Portuguese thematic series – the Carta Agrícola de Portugal (Agricultural Map of Portugal) – which was produced as the result of a survey that began in 1882 and was suspended following the creation of the Republic in 1910.

Notable examples of recent series include the Carta Militar de Portugal (Military Map of Portugal, scale 1:25,000); the Carta Agrícola e Florestal de Portugal (Agricultural and Forestry Map of Portugal, scale 1:25,000); the Carta da Capacidade de Uso do Solo (Map of Soil Usage Capacity, scale 1:50,000); and the Carta Geológica de Portugal (Geological Map of Portugal, scale 1:50,000).